Independent Medical Examinations - Reviews


PROFESSIONAL EVALUATION GROUP, P.C. offers comprehensive Independent Medical Evaluations, Radiological Reviews and Peer Reviews. We are licensed by The New York State Workers' Compensation Board, as are all of our physicians who perform IMEs in New York State. We are fully familiar with the laws and rules concerning examinations for Workers' Compensation, No-Fault and Bodily Injury claims. 


All reports are prepared by the physician who performs the examination.  Each report is individually dictated, by the physician, insuring the accuracy and integrity of the examination process. Our physicians are well versed in the specific reporting requirements for Worker’s Compensation claims.  All reports are reviewed by our claims staff to confirm that all requested issues have been addressed and are mailed to all parties within ten business days of said examination(s).

For situations where claimants are treating with more than one medical specialist, multiple consultative examinations may be required. In most cases, we can arrange for the claimant to be examined by more than one medical specialist, during one patient visit in one location. This is convenient for the claimant and also enables your consultants to discuss the case, before preparing their reports. This assures a consensus of medical opinion.



In addition to IMEs, we can also provide from review of the medical records in your file, an expert analysis of the severity of the injuries, future medical care required and an opinion on permanency. Evaluations can also be made in regards to the medical necessity of the treatment rendered plus identifying ambiguous, unreliable or otherwise refutable medical reports or tests.   



In addition to IMEs, we can provide Peer Review services for determination of the medical necessity of treatment as well as treatment bill reviews. All reviews are performed, by physicians of the appropriate specialty, for the issues under consideration. 


  • Our staff will pick up and or copy medical records at your premises
  • Regular visits by our service representatives on the day(s) of your choice
  • Prompt scheduling of appointments within the provisions of the law
  • Hand delivered reports
  • Rush appointments and reporting when necessary


    We feel that it is important that any Physician or Medical Group you have chosen for Independent Medical Evaluations, have an impartial background and perform other medical services, and not just IMEs. While we do perform IMEs, this is only a portion of our service.  In addition, PROFESSIONAL EVALUATION GROUP, P.C., also performs general medical services, pre-employment examinations, DOT examinations, drug testing, cardio-stress testing, radiological services, pulmonary function testing, audiometric testing, laboratory and other ancillary services. We also provide evaluations for various Human Resources requirements.



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